Relationship with God

Stewardship of Our Resources

Things in life get crazy sometimes. All too often, we realize in a brief moment of solitude that we are exhausting ourselves with lifestyles that revolve around maintaining our assets, paying the interest on our debts, with bills growing as our paychecks remains static. We perceive our resources only in those things that are physical, temporal. As such, we live our lives effectively upside down, spending a huge portion of our lives serving our assets, instead of properly having our assets and resources serve us.

This book, Getting a Life was written to help individuals put things back into proper perspective, to allow them then to have a lifestyle that is meaningful and fulfilling. Covering areas as diverse as getting out of debt, to strategies for investing one's resources, to making informed choices on giving, this book was written to empower individuals and families to re-gain control of their lives, to live with skill, and to better enjoy this great gift of life. This book is available to you as a free download for your own individual use. We hope you find it helpful!

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