Relationship with God

About Us

At Wise (Wisdom in Stewardship Enterprises) we believe that life is a gift from God. As such, life is also then a stewardship responsibility. We desire, then to help individuals to live life skillfully. Principle areas of our stewardship responsibility include our relationship with God, our resources, responsibility in prayer, the arts, our minds, and outreach. This site seeks to offer helps in each of these areas, all of which are free to the user. Please note that the material is copy written, so is not to be used without the standard credit being given. However, from a book on personal financial management, to some links to some of the best Bible study aids/notes in the English language, even links to a solid downloadable translation of the Bible, this material is free for your personal use. We are a 501-C-3 non-profit organization which is funded solely by personal donations.